Apex Legends: Best Legends To Choose In Period 8 Tier Listing That'S A Legend

What Are the Best Legends in Season 8 of Apex?

Apex Legends continues to increase in strength each season. It aims to make things interesting with consistent and fresh content. Some of that content includes new and exciting legends, which aim to take the title of "best legend" in Apex. Learn more on bettergamer.com for any queries What Are the Best Legends in Season 8 of Apex?.

The game's popularity is in large part due to its ability provide new experiences and keep players entertained with regular updates. However, some things will never change for example, who your most loved legends are.

Daniel Klein, Senior Game Designer at Respawn, unveiled the top three most-listened-to legends on The Third Party Apex Legends Podcast.

The Top Legends In Apex Legends

Fuse (Speculative).

Fuse is predicted to be one of the most popular legends of Season 8.

Naturally, everyone wants to try out the latest characters, but he also looks to be a fantastic legend to play.


At number 5 is Lifeline. Ajay Che isn't the type of person you'd expect to see in the Apex Games.

She was the daughter of war profiteers and she fled home to escape the devastation she caused. She joined the Frontier Corps an aid organisation that assists Frontier communities that are in need.

She's a very noob-friendly character because of her ability to assist her teammates in battle with heals and the ability to put on high-end defensive gear.

It's not about winning the game and making sure that your team does not end up getting killed.


Number 4 is High-Speed Daredevil and Adrenaline Junkie Octane.

You might be thinking, "Octane?" Really? ?!". Klein points out that he may not have many wins, but he's so enjoyable to play because of his speed.


Horizon is the newest youngster on the block.

This fiery Scottish astronaut is a favourite by players because of her status as an astronaut.

She is versatile because of her capacity to climb and fall down buildings in a safe and swift manner. An effective ultimate could destroy any team.


Another intriguing option is Bloodhound. While he does not have a huge amount of success but the Techonoligcal Tracker attracts a lot more interest from players. Better Gamer has information about What Are the Best Legends in Season 8 of Apex?.

It's not surprising due to the fact that his abilities provide plenty of vision on his foes and give a greater understanding of what's to come and allowing players to take action with this new information.


Wraith is the last and most well-known Legend of Season 7. The Interdimensional Skirmisher is a legendary character for solo play is an excellent choice. Her ability to avoid damage and fast repositioning techniques are unmatched and create for some top-of-the-line games. She is able to easily win the game or lose it.

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